Learn How To Advance Past the Roadblocks In YOUR Body

It's not just working out, it's building a foundation for a better life

Introducing a proven, holistic fitness program to help you feel better, move better, and experience more energy and more vibrancy.

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Our program will help you experience:

  • More energy, more vitality, and more vibrancy
  • Relief from pain (acute or chronic)
  • Increased mobility and flexibility
  • Improved body awareness and more body freedom
  • Better strength and balance


This program will work for your body because, for many reasons:

  • It is based on science and math. It is not antidotal.

  • It is based on osteopathic principles and uses studies, that were either directly on the human body or studies that apply to the human body, that give us the most current working model how the body functions best and so what can be done to enhance that function.

  • It is adaptable to most people's physiology because it is not one size fits all.

To advance past the roadblocks in your body, you need to:

  • Assess the areas of your body that need help and do exercises that specifically help them out

  • Put those exercises together in a routine where they all can work together to keep you balanced

  • Understand what other lifestyle and diet factors you need to make your routine complete

If you are waiting to get started or are going to trying to piece it together you need to remember:

  • If you don't address it right away your issues will get worse

  • Is what you are doing appropriate for you with an assessment

  • It is best taught it by somebody who studied it

  • It is about the exercises or treatments you need to do to complement your initial routine

It's Not Just Working Out, It's Building A Foundation For A Better Life

You may be thinking: “Okay that sounds great — but I’ve tried other programs and have found no results. What makes this program different?” 

Unlike fad exercises or programs that come and go (while making larger-than-life false claims), at SolCore Fitness we have a truly holistic program that will reeducate your body to move in the way it’s supposed to get you feeling stronger and more vibrant and reducing chances of injury so you can not only enjoy the activities you love but excel at them. 

Give this program a chance and I guarantee you will walk away moving better, feeling stronger, and more energetic than ever.

Don't Wait Now To Experience:

  • More energy, more vitality, and more vibrancy
  • Relief from pain (acute or chronic)
  • Increased mobility and flexibility
  • Improved body awareness and more body freedom
  • Better strength and balance
  • How SolCore Fitness Can Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

What Our Members Say:

"I have spinal stenosis which impedes nerve pathways resulting in pain and discomfort. Through the ELDOA’s and strength training I have learned how to manage my discomfort quite successfully. In addition I have learned how to increase strength and flexibility thru proper alignment, focus on technique and adhering to my homework."

 Denise J.

"During those three months, I found my sciatica pain gradually improving, and I felt an overall sense of rejuvenation and accomplishment after each class. Ekemba and Maya are skilled and highly motivational, and I enjoyed the camaraderie with the other class member"

 Michael B.

Why I Created The Program

As a Therapist and Personal Trainer for over 25 + years, I have worked with thousands of people who struggled with daily movement and pain and injury. I’ve also worked with people who were doubtful to start a new fitness program because nothing before had helped with their pain.

I experienced this first hand — years ago I compressed my L4/L5 vertebrae and had severe Sciatic pain. I tried to relieve the pain with all the modalities that were out there and nothing produced lasting results. I tried chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy, allopathic medicine, massage, yoga, and pilates — they all turned out to be at best expensive band-aids, and at worst, hurt and set me back more. It was so frustrating because here I was in my 30s and moving around and hurting like I was 90.

But then I discovered the Soma Training Program which approaches the complexities of the body with a completely balanced, holistic approach — this did wonders for my pain and since I knew others were experiencing similar frustrations with chronic pain,  I used the principles of Soma Training to bring a program to my clients that accessible, holistic, and most importantly - effective!  And now you can try it yourself with this special, trial! 

My 25+ years of hands-on experience as a personal trainer is supported by my degree as a Soma Trainer, and I have since gone on to earn a degree as a Soma Therapist.  I am currently studying for my Canadian Osteopath doctorate. I have found a career that is fulfilling and joy to share with others. I hope I can share it with you and help you.

Copyright 2019, SolCore Fitness

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