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Doing “Just” What Feels Right In An Exercise Program Isn’t the Best Route


Exercises Can Hurt You

Hey, Everybody, It’s Ekemba from SolCore Fitness again and I want to talk to you about not basing your training on what feels good for you. Now, what I mean by that? So, I want to start by saying I’ve got some bad news for you. You don’t have total access to your body. You can’t tell all the different areas in your body and what’s going on because you’re not totally connected to it just yet, and that’s okay, that’s why you want to workout.

You want to gain access to those areas, you want to feel alive and balanced. So, let me give you the story of why it’s bad just to do thing to feel good for your body, okay? So we have a member who came to us because she wants become balanced, but more importantly, she hurt her liver because of an accident. Her liver became inflamed, this whole area became jumbled up. So we did some very specific things for her to balance her diaphragm, her pelvis, to work with the different facial chains around this area, and she started to feel better. Then over the weekend she went to hang out with some friends and they did some gentle stretching as a group and she start doing a side bend, and it felt fantastic. As she kept doing this because it felt fantastic, it felt so good on her body. Sounds great, doesn’t it? No, the next day she woke up and her liver said, phew! Screw you. I don’t like what you just did because what she did felt good for whatever reason, but physiologically it took her rib cage and diaphragm and smushed her liver and smushed liver. And with a normal liver, sure that’s fine, you should be able to handle some pressure, but it’s already… it was already angry, so you can’t… you can’t force something it doesn’t want to do.

Are You Doing This In Your Program?

So, this will show up in your workout too, maybe not as extreme, but you know only doing the activities you like to do, what I feel good to you might not have immediately negative consequences. You might not feel how bad it is for your body right away, but then 10 years down the line, 15 years down the line – all of a sudden, your hip doesn’t move as well or maybe you need… you’ve worn to cartilage away, your spine doesn’t move as well. Right! You have to have a program that balances your body from the inside out to align the all different structures to enliven in the body so that you actually can feel where you are.

So, if you’re interested in what that program looks like, feel free to reach out to us. You can call us at 505-577-2171 or just email us at

We are more than willing to talk to you about what’s going on, and we have tons of free resources on our website, so check us out at

Thanks a lot. Have a great day.

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