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How Posture Effects Your Life


Structure Dictates Function

Hey Guys, This is Ekemba from Solcore Fitness again. Here to talk to you about how structure dictates function. So, we all think about having bad positions in our body, bad posture as having bad movements, and I tell you you’re only partially correct. Structure dictates all function. So, function has to do with how I move, how I feel, my hormones, my digestion, how I sleep.

Imagine a house, I want my house to be nice and good in structure. So, with that good structure, my house holds up the walls and the ceilings and it protects my family, and it seems to also lets my pipes run properly. It allows the heat to come in properly, allows everything to stay nice and balanced and a good homeostasis environment. It’s the same thing with your body. So, giving the example – we have what’s called kyphotic head forward posture – that right there, right? Now we can see that all the time because of our modern lifestyle, so with that posture, you can have issues with, of course, movements, right? I can’t lift my arm all the way up, right? I can’t look up without neck pain, back pain. If I have knee pain where the case is going to be, but at the same time, you have problems with your heart, your lungs, potentially your thyroid, blood flow that goes to your brain, all because of a bad posture.

Balance Your Structure to Have the Best Functioning Body

So, you know when looking for a workout program, if your goal is to be as balanced as possible to have a fully functioning body, then choose something that addresses all these different areas. There’s no easy fix, there’s no do these three things and you’ll achieve total success. You want to really dig in there and make sure everything is doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

So, good luck to you. Reach out for any more questions, and thanks again. Bye!


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