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3 Things You Need In Your New Years Exercise Program

Make Sure You You Put These Three Items In You Workout Program Before Starting

Good morning, everybody. It’s Ekamba from Solcore Fitness. I’m here to talk to you about starting your new year’s goals for fitness. So, what are three things you can do to have a successful program?

You can have goals, you can be consistent, and you can have compassion for yourself.

Now, why those three things?

Because if you don’t have goals to start off with, you don’t know what you’re trying for.

So when you go out and you start to work out or you have to make changes in your life, your changes aren’t dedicated towards something, like they’re just random acts of movement or activity. When you’re really specific with what you want to do so you achieve your goals.

Then you want to be consistent.

so it’s like any other goal in life, right? You have to be consistent in your workouts, in your new sleeping habits, your water, your food, right? You can’t just do it here and there and expect the result.

You have to have compassion for yourself.

You’re in here or you’re in your fitness program to grow, to learn, to improve. With that, you’re going to challenge yourself. So, with challenges come frustration or thoughts in your head like I can’t do it or you know all that fun stuff, it pops up in our head. So have compassion for yourself in the rood that you’re on.

Now, of course, all this is contingent on having a good program. You want to have a nice balanced program to holistically balance yourself from the inside out to make sure that you’re achieving your goals. So, if you’re interested in having goals, being consistent, having compassion, looks like within a program that balances you from the inside out, then go ahead and give us a call at 505-577-2171 or you can email us at

Good luck to you.

Thank you.

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How Do You Eat an Elephant?

How Do You Eat an Elephant?

How do you eat an elephant? One bit at a time. It is good to get excited about starting a program. It propels you to move forward but you have to watch out because after that “high”, the dip happens. You come down and now it is your dedication, consistency, and mindset that needs to push you along. And it is challenging because it may seem like you are not making progress at all but if you can get through it I guarantee that you will achieve your goals and come out of it a much better person. Anything worth achieving in this life requires a little bit of struggle, and that is great because you get to learn. As I say all the time, “It doesn’t get easier it becomes more manageable.”

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Santa Fe It’s That Time of Year!

Santa Fe It’s That Time of Year!

A time for reflection and a time for looking ahead to the new year.

Many people spend most of their energy on the looking ahead part, but I think reflection is as, if not more, important if we’re going to learn and keep growing and progressing, as well as appreciate life for the journey that it is.

Have you taken a few minutes to think back over this past year?

Who were you one year ago?

In what ways have you grown?

What small (or great!) things did you accomplish this year?

What lessons did you learn?

Who came into your life that you are grateful for this year?

What did you let go of so you could move forward this year?

What new dreams took root this year? New ideas? New adventures?

What is one brave thing you tried this year? What is one fear you faced d


What is one way you made a positive impact on another life this past year?

Now don’t get me wrong, 2016 was a year of a LOT of challenges for so many people, but often we forget that there were 365 days, 8760 hours, and 525,600 minutes this past year and they can’t all have been bad!

I encourage you this week to take a minute to reflect and pull out the positives and the constructive lessons from this past year before you put it to rest and move forward once again.

2016 was an amazing year of growth as we had a successful move to an amazing new space.  We were joined by Elizabeth, who is really helping everything run smoothly.

And for the Sooh family, we were chosen by Bodhi, our new son who has really made our family complete.

I hope you find many lovely minutes, hours, and days to be grateful for from 2016! I’ll share my personal lessons with you next week. 😉

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