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Investing in personal training in Santa Fe and using our Custom Built Exercise Program is an investment in you, your future happiness, and your potential. We have seen and helped people from all walks of life in all different situations. We understand that all our clients are unique individuals and we want you to succeed. There is no “one size fits all” workout of the day, our Exercise Programs are specifically tailored to YOU.

Our Custom Built Exercise Programs incorporate a comprehensive assessment and the 3 pillars of health and fitness that when all in balance, produce guaranteed lasting positive changes. It encompasses a comprehensive compilation of physiological assessments, nutrition and lifestyle evaluation/coaching, and goal setting which will allow you to safely and efficiently reach your goals.

In order to determine what your body needs to be healthy and function efficiently, we will utilize the following three steps.

Step One: The Evaluation

We will work together on an initial assessment of your current and past health and fitness routine. The assessment is essential to re-establishing homeostasis throughout your entire body. We will develop your Custom Built Exercise Program, with this information:

Goal setting – We will ask you about your health and fitness goals, address your expectations for our time together, and show you we how we’re going to get you there.

Physiological Evaluation – These assessments allow us to evaluate your strengths and areas of need in your body structure, flexibility, movement, strength, performance, lifestyle, and nutrition:

  • Body fat calibration
  • Cardio-endurance capacity
  • Postural and Structural Body Analysis
  • Movement Analysis

Metabolic Typing and Health Assessment questionnaire – You will have no more  guess work with your diet. From this assessment, we will find out what micronutrients are ideal for you, track your consumption along the way, and make nutrition recommendations to dial it in.

Step Two: Program Design

Using your evaluation as the basis, we will design an individual training program to meet your health and fitness goals and needs. Your program will include a seven day a week schedule that includes workouts, activities, rest and other recommendations that are important for your Custom Built Exercise Program. Your Exercise Program will include a variety of activities to meet your lifestyle needs.

When designing your Custom Built Exercise Programs in Santa Fe, we incorporate ALL of the components that are required for your success, using the 3 Pillars of Health and Fitness.

Pillar 1: Proper movement

We have over 600 muscles, over 300 bones, and all of our internal organs, nerves, arteries and systems: nervous, endocrine, cardio vascular etc. that make up our body structure. They are all connected by fascia, and all these muscles, bones and organs have a specific function (job) and place to be. When you move your body, this movement effects your whole being. Everything you do is an education (an exercise) to your body. When considering starting any exercise program, you must assess your strengths as well as your limitations in movement. For example, if you feel pain in your knees when you squat, can’t extend your arms above your head while keeping your back straight, or fall off balance while lunging forward, this is your clue that these movements need to be worked on. Please don’t be fooled into workouts that use these movements but don’t require that you have good form. When you are relying only on workout machines, cardio equipment, and attending group classes with no structure for your fitness routine, you will be moving your body improperly and becoming more susceptible to injury.

Something I here a lot is “Don’t worry, I modify (chosen movement) to make sure I don’t hurt myself.”

While it is important to be aware of not hurting yourself during an exercise, if you are modifying a movement, you are also teaching your body to compensate and damaging your body. Now when you are in the “real world,” those compensated patterns will show up when it is difficult for you to get in the car or strain your back when you twist and bend over in your office chair to pick something up.

When SolCore Fitness designs your Custom Built Exercise Program, we provide you exercises that will first balance your body, improve your posture and then strengthen you from the inside out. Then you will provide you with progressive exercises that are specific to you and your goals, while improving strength and awareness and moving your body the way it was intended.

Pillar II: Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

SolCore Fitness Personal Training Santa Fe will help increase your metabolism and reduce long term stress on your body by incorporating nutrition and lifestyle coaching into your holistic Custom Built Exercise Program. Through a comprehensive evaluation that targets diet, stress, sleep/wake cycles, digestive system health, fungus and parasites, screening for adrenal syndrome, leaky gut, food intolerances, intestinal infections, and hormonal imbalances; we will identify these stressors, prioritize them and address them systematically. We will provide you with tools and suggestions, appropriate to your lifestyle so that you are energized, clear-headed, free of bloat/inflammation and in balance.

You will learn how to eat properly to fuel your body for healthy weight loss and to maintain a healthy weight. You will not be put on a generic or “popular” diet. Through analyzing your answers on the Metabolic Typing and Health Assessment Questionnaire, together we will find out what Macro/ Micro Nutrient Profile ratios work best for you. We will monitor your food intake and modify and suggest supplementation if needed. This will lead to healthy weight loss, more energy and improved mood.

Piller III: Motivation, Commitment, and Support

We are all motivated by something. Whether we are trying to achieve something, acquire something, or fulfill some need or desire, we are all motivated by something.

Where motivation really counts is when it propels us to do the things that we perceive as being hard or difficult. It is easy to be motivated to do the things that are easy or that you are already good at. For most people starting a new health and fitness program, they struggle with staying motivated and committed to their goals.

At SolCore Fitness, we start every Custom Built Exercise Program with assisting our client’s in identifying their goals, starting with the “Big Dream” goals and then breaking it down into smaller more attainable goals. We help you make it measurable (how will you know you’ve accomplished it) and help you determine a realistic deadline to reach it.

Once you start reaching those smaller goals, your confidence and momentum will accelerate you into reaching your long term goal. SolCore Fitness Custom Built Exercise Program will provide you a step-by-step plan to keep you motivated, committed, and on-track.

We also understand that along the path, the “old you” (old habits and unhealthy lifestyle) may try to grab the “new you” (new healthy lifestyle and habits) by the hair and pull you back. Sometimes you need a pat on the back, sometimes you need a shoulder to cry on, sometimes you need somebody to tell you like it is and give you a little kick in the pants. We all need help and support in this life. It not only takes a village to raise a kid, but it takes that same village to help that kid who is now an adult achieve the goals the he or she really desires. Our Health and Fitness Practitioners will provide you coaching, education, and accountability while always offering support and encouragement to get you past the walls that would typically stop you in your tracks and put your goals on hold.

Also, we will review your Custom Built Exercise Program together every four to six weeks to make “tweaks” in it and keep it from getting stale and unproductive, while addressing any emotional struggles that you may be having. You can rest assured that SolCore Fitness Personal Training in Santa Fe cares about your well being and wants to provide you with the support to succeed.

Step Three: The Coaching

Our custom built exercise program is held together through coaching. The body is very intricate and there are a lot of moving parts to make your program work. This may seem overwhelming..not with us at your side. We specialize in taking all the components required for your success and making it easy and actionable. Our coaching will provide accountability and produce confidence through the success you gain along your path.

We will coach you through the fitness process while educating you on how your body functions optimally to maximize desired results and prevent injury. Understanding how your body works and what works for your body will empower you to take control of your health and fitness.

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“Having never used a personal trainer before I was extremely nervous but, Ekemba worked with me to develop a regimen that matched my fitness goals. He is patient and precise in his instruction, pushing to get the most out of you during every session..."


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