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Group exercise classes have become an increasingly popular way for people to address their health and fitness in a larger group session. People report feeling more motivated when they are able to work out with others.

SolCore Fitness’s Group Exercise Classes in Santa Fe are not your traditional exercise classes found in “other” gyms.

Ekemba Sooh has personally designed these group classes from his collective experience of studying with the greatest health and fitness minds in the world. For small group training in Santa Fe, Solcore Fitness is your number one choice.

Group classes include full body workouts of inside out strengthening & primal movements that tone and strengthen your arms, legs, core. They utilize tools such as myofascial stretching, ELDOA, and proprioception and awareness (balance) exercises to awaken, balance and open up your body. These group exercise classes in Santa Fe are challenging, but also conform to every skill level. Plus, you will still get the benefits and expertise of a personal trainer by meeting individually once/month with our Health and Fitness Practitioners to track your progress and address any questions or needs that you may have.

Small group training in Santa Fe consists of 5+ people that have pre-registered at the start of each series, all going through the same structured program that uses exercises and stretches which are the foundation of any exercise program. The exercises are challenging, but the program is manageable and designed to be safe and progressive. These classes will compliment your individual or semi-private personal training or can be beneficial on their own. You can be confident that you are getting a well rounded 100% guaranteed fitness routine, based upon a scientific foundation with proven results.

1st Month- Posture Perfect 

As the name suggests, the group exercise classes in Santa Fe begin with improving your posture and balancing your body. The best thing you can do for your continued health, is to balance your body. If you are tight, in pain or don’t move like you should you are imbalanced…..and that is ok because these stretching exercises will correct them. The two revolutionary techniques that are used to do this are MYOFASCIAL STRETCHING and ELDOA. I do not recommend that you move on to more advanced workouts without getting a good handle on these stretches first. An imbalanced body is prone to over-compensating in other areas and could lead to injury.


  • Improve posture
  • Less back, neck, hip/pelvis and knee PAIN
  • More freedom and awareness within your body
  • Decrease stiffness
  • Decrease wear and tear on joints
  • More relaxed body (better sleep!)

Secondary Possible Benefits:

  • Improve mood and confidence
  • Improve muscle tone and strength

2nd Month- Inside Out Strengthening

Now that you have a lot more freedom and balance in your body, you need to keep it that way by strengthening it from the inside out. The second part of the small group training in Santa Fe focuses on skeletal muscles. There are approximately 642 skeletal muscles and they all have specific actions (jobs!). The muscles of your body are more intricate than usually addressed and require specific movements and levels of engagement in order to have full activation. The focus of this month will be on the “smaller” muscles. These muscles stabilize your body and prepare it to move (correctly).


  • Stability
  • More efficient movement
  • Stronger Core/tight abdominals
  • Stronger legs, back, and arms

Secondary Possible Benefits

  • More muscle tone
  • Aerobic “cardio” benefit

3rd Month- Primal Pump and Awareness

It’s time for the big moves! I will combine balance, body awareness exercises, and the 6 Primal Movements: Squats, Lunges, Pushes, Pulls, Bends, Twists. This will wake up your body even more and give you the most bang for your buck, as these movements are multi-joint and require your whole body. These moves are performed every day, so when you master them through group exercise classes in Santa Fe, not only will you be getting a fantastic workout but you will be noticeably stronger in your daily life.


  • Muscle toning and strengthening
  • Balance
  • Anaerobic cardio

Secondary Possible Benefits:

  • Fat loss/weight reduction
  • Some Aerobic Conditioning                                  CHECK OUT THE CLASS SCHEDULE


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Encouraging, creative, and professional are the words that immediately come to mind when describing Ekemba as a trainer. His encouragement takes on various forms, such as his always enthusiastic greetings, the genuine interest he shows in me as a person, and most importantly, the way in which he guides me through his well-designed workouts...


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