How To Sustainably Train Your Body To Get Out Of Pain,  Move Better ,
And Live Life On Your Terms

Break the cycle of being in pain and fix it! Empower yourself with the tools to know how to train your body in a way that is friendly to it and produces sustained results.

I Went Through This Same Issue And Want To Help

The problem with pain and imbalances in the body is that the available solutions aren’t complete and give sustainable results.
This is because they all have partial information and different philosophies. And because of it, people keep bouncing around trying other solutions and never getting sustained results.

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Meet Ekemba Sooh

My name is Ekemba Sooh and after being in this same vicious circle for years found a philosophy and system that trained the body to re-educate it holistically. I helped myself and hundreds of people break the cycle and achieve a body that can keep up with their life.


I help people in pain and confused about what to do to a body that can keep up with how they want to live.


My strategy is designed using a program and exercises that re-educate the structure of your body so that you can function at your best.


This program is empowering because you now understand and have the tools to be your own best therapist and trainer.


So get your guide and dig in! I can’t wait to hear about your amazing results.

Learn The 4 Steps To Break The Cycle Of Pain And Fix It!

Empower Yourself To Learn How To Be Your Own Best Therapist/trainer.



It is a waste of time to begin a program if you don’t know where you are starting from.

Developing and scheduling

There needs to be a step-by-step methodological process you work with for your body.

Prioritizing your exercises

Not all exercises and activities will be appropriate. It is knowing what to work out, how and what to avoid is the definition of efficiency.



Integration of your activities is essential because that is how the body functions in life.

So Why Is It Necessary To Follow These Four Steps.

Randomly jumping around from different treatments, exercises and activities will not only get you nowhere, but actually do damage.

These steps help you build a program that educates, empowers, and builds you body so that it functions at its best.

This way you have a body that can keep up with the type of life you want to live.

I am honored to be your guide in this process!

Customer Stories

Amy W

“After three years, I went from not being able to move to being in a position where I can move. I can ski, I can hang out and be active with my friends and family, I’m about ready to go back to tennis. It’s changed my life!”

Janette L

“When I started with SolCore a year and a half ago, I suffered from chronic back pain, constant migraines, and numbness and weakness in my arms and legs. I had tried chiropractic and physical therapy with no improvement. Finally, the spine specialist told me that spinal injections and spinal fusion would be my only pain relief. So I kept searching and was blessed to find SolCore. Thanks to SolCore (and those ELDOA’S!), the numbness and weakness are gone, the chronic pain is under control, and I’m back to doing the things I love. Thank you, SolCore!”

Brian D

My back pain was so bad that I was being knocked out of my life for 4-6 week blocks. I couldn’t do anything. This started infrequently, but was getting more frequent. At the start I just pushed through it because it wasn’t that bad, but as time went on, it was becoming unbearable. I tried everything. I went to Yoga classes, worked out, and did those 10-pack Rolfing sessions they recommend. After going through the SolCore Fitness program my back pain is pretty much nonexistent. I feel so much more aware in my body and I feel much stronger. I love the personal attention and the fact that this program really works

Learn the 4 steps to break the cycle of pain and fix it! Empower yourself to learn how to be your own best therapist/trainer.