Our Program Helps You So That You


Don't get hurt!


Become strong in your life and able to do the activities you love to do


Improve your posture


Improve the awareness of your body

Use this trial to start to see, feel, and understand what it takes to build and balance your body the correct way. Go through exercises and routines that help you put together a program that allows you  you move better, decrease stiffness, drastically reduce pain, and increase your energy. 

Don’t rely on a bunch of different routines and exercises that don’t specifically address your issues and goals and leave you confused.

Two Week In-House Trial

We’re offering 2 weeks of group class plus one private personal training session for only $147


What Our Members Have To Say


"Through the ELDOA’s and strength training I have learned how to manage my discomfort from spinal stenosis quite successfully. In addition I have learned how to increase strength and flexibility thru proper alignment, focus on technique and adhering to my homework. This is the first program that has gotten me lasting results."


"I came to Solcore Fitness overweight, pre-diabetic, with high blood pressure and feeling lethargic and unfit. This was not the way I wanted to exist during my early retirement. After seven months of personal training, I feel better than I have in years. I stand taller, feel stronger, my blood pressure is normal, I'm no longer pre-diabetic and I've lost some weight--all while engaged in a safe, wonderful, comprehensive program."

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