live webinar

From Confusion To Clarity 

How to sort through all the noise on what you think you should do and know what you should do about your stage of health and fitness

March 26th

11:00 am(MST)

What you’ll learn in this webinar:


How to stop spinning your wheels

The reason why most people get STUCK doing the wrong activities for them and the simple solution to getting UNSTUCK.


The stages of health and fitness

The simple way to know where you are starting from so that you know EXACTLY what steps you need to take


The blueprint that will put you on the right course to your best life

When you know how to layout a blueprint for your health and fitness, you will be successful at living a life uninhibited.

March 26th

11:00 am(MST)

About the Presenter

Owner SolCore Fitness

Ekemba has been in the health and fitness field for over 25 year. He started as a regular training and has worked his way up through the Osteopathic program to being a Soma Therapist, Soma Trainer and close to finishing his doctorate.

"I believe that if you dedicated yourself to a health and fitness program that works with you and is based on science and real-life success, that act of working through your program and the outcome of a more balanced, strong, and free body will allow you to lead an independent, confident, service filled life."