Get Out Of Pain, Get Mobile And Build A Body That Can Keep Up With The Life YOU Want To Live

It’s not just working out, it’s building a foundation for a better life.


Weekly Routines. Each routine is given in its entirety and broken down into each  exercise used so you can go as fast or as slow as you need.


We have over 25 + years experience in the health and fitness industry. We bring this real world experience to you. Continuous support through Live Q & A Sessions and a Private FB Group.


Step by step instructions. We’ll walk you through all the important lessons and exercises to balance your body holistically. Each week is designed to build upon the other.


Training concepts to get you fast safe results without the stress.

You are active, but you have noticed that you are slowly starting to hurt more and feel stiffer. As a result, you have either slowed down on the activities you love or have stopped altogether. You may even have your social life impacted because of your body. You can’t play with your kids/grandkids, you can’t go for a long walk with friends, or you can’t sit for a long time and socialize. You are afraid that your life will slowly become inhibited because your body won’t keep up. You know you can feel better, but you are confused about what you should do and are afraid you may do it wrong and get hurt. Well…


We decided to launch our patented, proven program in an online format. This is the same program that we have used to get hundreds of people like you feeling better than they ever thought they could and back into a life filled with the activities they love and staying connected to the people they love!

What you are doing, not doing, or doing improperly is holding you back and could be making your body worse. With your busy life, you need an exercise program that is efficient and proven and will take you step-by-step towards a body that is fit, pain-free, and strong.

This is not a ‘quick fix’ program, nor is it the latest popular fitness trend that could cause you injury. Instead, we use our extensive knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics to design a Custom Built program just for you. You will understand why you are doing a particular exercise, how to do it correctly, and know it will lead to sustainable improvements. This program will help keep you fit for life.

This program will work best with dedicated people ready to commit to their health and fitness, who realize that there is a better way and that the status quo is no longer good enough. They dare to trust the process and realize that the way to their goals is THROUGH their issues.

Have you tried online training before and hit a wall or got hurt? Have you never tried online training because you believe it is too advanced for you? Then, please read on to see why this program might be right for you.

HINT. Successful online training is about giving you the correct exercises in the proper order to build upon each other. It is holistic fitness.

Today, there is a fixation on just losing body fat and doing the craziest, most intense exercises. But, unfortunately, today, your program is not a success unless you are 3% body fat and can lift a massive barbell over your head while doing the splits with your legs on exercise rings. (And I hope you know I’m joking but serious).

And what if you are an average person and your goal is to feel confident in your body and strong in your daily life and activities?

Amy Weyhrauch

I am Amy Weyhrauch, and I came because I have ankylosing spondylitis, which is arthritis of the spine, and If I don’t move my spine could fuse. When I came in here, I could barely move, and Ekemba, with patience, got me through the stretches. It was hard, but I’m glad I stuck with it because now I can move I can ski I’m about ready to go back to tennis. It’s changed my life. I found an exercise program that keeps me in my life. I encourage anyone with any back problems or chronic pain to join because you will see fantastic changes. SolCore fitness has changed my life.

Balancing Your Structure Increases 
How Strong & Aware Your Body Feels.

Your body functions best as it were a house that could move around. So your roof needs to be in the right place. Your basement is solid. Your walls have a specific strength. And enough space in the house so that everything can move properly.

We approach fitness today as if we had a one-story “broke down” house you see on those home improvement shows, and we tried to add a second story because it was the new hot thing to do. And we got A LOT of info on how to add this second story and make our house look amazing, but the directions didn’t know that we had a 1 story broke-down house, and it mentioned nothing about how to fix our structure before snazzing up our home.

So we did it because it pumped up our ego, and we had visions of having our ideal house. And it was FUN when we first started (because starting something produces a high). But as we went along, it became frustratingly hard. The structure of the house won’t support it. You need to fix the ‘broke’ house before adding an addition.


Working Out Holistically Is The
Best Way To Be Balanced,
Strong & Pain Free For The Long Haul

This online training program considers all this while walking you through your program. It’s not just about sweating or feeling the burn; it’s about using stretches and exercises to reeducate your body to its highest potential.

These particular exercises work you from the inside out, targeting those areas most people ignore and ALWAYS focus on the whole being. As a result, the exercises provide your body with the best-integrated training that allows your body to function its best.

Using these very specific exercises and certain “rules” that have scientifically been proven to be the most effective for the body allows the body to be educated in all the ways it needs to function the best. 

Some of the techniques we use in our holistic online personal training program are:





These are just some of the techniques needed to reeducate your body. Of course, you must be doing these correctly and know how to put them together.

Layout and Personalization of the program

These exercises are specific and very different than anything you have ever done. So the program is designed to walk you through what you should be progressively doing each week.

Each week has the complete routine you should be focusing on and the individual exercises within the routine, so you can practice them individually. Each week builds upon itself and will teach you what to do and re-educate the structure of your body so that it becomes strong, mobile and has less pain.

And even though the lessons are very informative, we what to personally help you by giving you access to our private FB group and live Q & A sessions. On the private FB group, you can connect with others, ask questions, and share successes. On the live Q and A session, you can fine-tune what you have been studying and get personalized suggestions on what is best for YOU to focus on.

By continually going through these weekly routines, practicing, asking questions, and interacting and sharing, YOU WILL build a body that will keep up with the way you want to live into your 90s. But more importantly, empower yourself because you have learned what to do for your body and can be YOUR best therapist and trainer to keep yourself there.

This program will continue to be valuable for the rest of your life, as it will be the foundation that allows you to keep up with all the activities and people you love.


The first step-by-step online training program gives you the correct exercises to build you up. It doesn’t just throw a bunch of lessons or workouts your way, hoping that you will get it and not hurt yourself.

Who is this good for:

Who is this not good for:

  • You have been active all your life but now see and feel that you need a more well-rounded program.
  • You are not moving or feeling your best and want to feel more like you know you should.
  • You want a program that makes common sense and is scientifically based.
  • You want to make sure you are doing the routine and exercises right.
  • When you can’t or don’t want to go to the gym but want to exercise in a way that builds your body so that you feel strong, pain-free, mobile, and vibrant. 
  • If you don’t have any motivation and won’t do the required work, don’t waste your money and time.

  • This is not a good fit for anyone looking for a quick fix and not willing to dedicate time to their health.

  • If you except somebody else to fix you and do the work.
  • If you expect this to be just like going to the gym or being in a class, you will be disappointed.

  • Shiny object chasers. If you think this is just another shiny object to try and expect it to be entertaining, you will lose interest fast.


Our body is very complex and needs a lot of different types of stimulation. We get in trouble when we either stop giving it the proper amount of education or give it random pieces of information that don’t go together. Unfortunately, this is what the majority of people do.


My back pain was so bad that I was being knocked out of my life for 4-6 week blocks. I couldn’t do anything. This started infrequently, but was getting more frequent. At the start I just pushed through it because it wasn’t that bad, but as time went on, it was becoming unbearable. I tried everything. I went to Yoga classes, worked out, and did those 10-pack Rolfing sessions they recommend. After going through the SolCore Fitness program my back pain is pretty much nonexistent. I feel so much more aware in my body and I feel much stronger. I love the personal attention and the fact that this program really works

Brian D / Santa Fe

When I started with SolCore a year and a half ago I was suffering from chronic back pain, constant migraines, and numbness and weakness in my arms and legs. I had tried chiropractics and physical therapy with no improvement. The spine specialist told me that spinal injections were going to be my only pain relief. So I kept searching and was blessed to find SolCore. Thanks to SolCore (and those ELDOA’S!) the numbness and weakness is gone, the chronic pain is under control and I’m back to doing the things I love. Thank you SolCore!”

Janet L / Santa Fe 


Ekemba Sooh

Ekemba Has been in the health and fitness industry for over 25 + years and has DEGREES as a Soma Therapist and Soma Trainer. He has made it his purpose to grow and learn throughout this time. And throughout this growth process, he has shared, educated, and supported hundreds of clients to better health and fitness and a better life.

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Online Holistic Personal Training

  • No more guesswork! Step by step micro-lessons that walk you through the lessons and exercises so you can do them right.
  • Safe, effective exercises based on an osteopathic model, with the expert guidance of 25+ years.
  • Includes access from two devices. Get your workouts in at home with your personal computer or on the go with a phone, laptop, or tablet.
  • On-demand and with your schedule. Go as fast or as slow and YOU need.
  • Continuous professional support with Live Q & A Sessions and our private Facebook group access.
  • Lifetime access!